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Welcome to our Tennis Elbow Treatment Page.

Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) is a condition which involves the elbow joint. Pain generally starts out as mild, but gradually becomes worse. Consequently, chronic sufferers may experience severe pain that rarely decreases. To explain chronic tennis elbow, the location of pain is the outside of the elbow below the joint’s bony prominence. In spite of how you hold the joint, whether it be reaching, gripping, or even lifting or carrying something, pain will be noticeable.

Although the name says otherwise, you don’t need to play tennis to suffer lateral epicondylitis. Actually, tennis elbow is a result of movements that repeatedly engage the forearm muscles. In fact, it is a very common workplace or athletic injury as a result of repetitious movement. Consequently, turning a doorknob, or holding a cup of coffee can be difficult.

Although this is one injury, it has more than one risk factor. The most common is sports related. Racket sports, such as tennis and racquetball can trigger symptoms. Secondly, occupations affect the injury too. Trade workers, such as painters and cooks may experience this more often than most because of their physically demanding careers.

Meanwhile, over-the-counter medications and rest can be employed to treat mild symptoms. However, this injury affects the joint’s mobility, so it’s important to get diagnosed and treated sooner rather than later.

ESWT’s effects are best verified in locations of tissue density changes, like those in which a tendon attaches to a bone (enthesiopathies) as well as a bone attaches to a ligament (desmopathies). That is for this reason that ESWT is effective for treating painful connective tissue in the elbow. Moreover, it extends new hope to chronic suffers by relieving pain and eliminating risk involving surgery. It also allows people to retain their normal lives once again.

  • Pain caused by lifting, bending the arm or grasping even light objects including, but not limited to coffee mugs, milk cartons and plates.
  • Elbow pain felt on or below the joint’s bony prominence; it can also be tender to the touch
  • Recurring pain on the outside of the upper forearm just below the bend of the elbow
  • Pain that radiates down the arm toward the wrist
  • Consistent pain in spite of posture changes or traditional treatments
  • Pain that occurs when you shake hands, turn knobs or lift something
  • Muscle weakness in your shoulder, forearm or wrist
  • Difficulty fully extending your forearm, as well as a decreased range of motion and flexibility in your wrist
  • Muscle spasms in your lower arm area
  • Pain when you press the site where the tendon meets the bone

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Today, we are a highly trusted ESWT practice after years in the field. Since 2000, our team has performed thousands of ESWT treatments. Although we are located in Pennsylvania, some of our patients have driven across the state line, so contact us today and see if ESWT can provide you with pain relieving benefits.

Not only do we practice excellence, but also we’re obsessed with providing a safe, comfortable but also convenient treatment for tennis elbow. Whether it be your first session or your fourth, it is our obligation to see everything in our power is done to follow through with your concerns. Until your pain is gone, we’ll continue providing treatment so you don’t have to continue suffering. After all, we exist because you trust us.