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Welcome to our Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment Page.

Chronic shoulder tendonitis refers to degenerative tissue in one of the tendons located toward the top of the upper arm bone, otherwise known as the humerus. Initially, the onset of symptoms starts with the tendon itself; if left untreated, pain can get worse. Also, like most tendon injuries, including plantar fasciitis, calcification occurs which, in turn, restricts the shoulder’s mobility.

Although this is one injury, there is more than one risk factor. Occupational is common when regarding this injury, unfortunately; for example, when involving overuse of the joint, reaching high, awkward positions, etc. In fact, age also plays a factor due to this injury occurring more often over time rather than instantaneously, however, this can happen as well.

While bursitis and rotator cuff injuries are comparable due to the location of the injury, they are not to be confused with shoulder tendinitis. Initially, shoulder tendonitis can produce a dull ache in the joint, especially when it is being moved around. Other symptoms can include swelling and tenderness in the joint. While over-the-counter medications and rest can assist in symptom relief, it is still important, however, to receive a diagnosis as well as treatment from your doctor before the pain gets worse. Leaving an injury unchecked can cause further or permanent damage as a result.

Areas of tissue density changes are where ESWT’s effects are best documented. Either where a tendon attaches to a bone (enthesiopathies) or where a bone attaches to a ligament (desmopathies), the results are clear. Subsequently, it is for this reason that ESWT is effective in treating painful connective tissue in the shoulder.

Additionally, ESWT lets concerns and worries rest, offering new hope by relieving pain. Also, it eliminates the risk factors associated with surgery, and allows people to resume their normal lives.

  • Shoulder pain that radiates down the side of the arm, although not heart or chest related
  • Significant pain when lifting items over your head, regardless of weight or size
  • Pain when you sleep on the injured shoulder
  • Pain when you press the site where the tendon meets the bone
  • Weakness in your shoulder joint as well as adjoining muscles
  • Constant, and at times severe, shoulder pain, regardless of time or environment
  • Restricted motion in the shoulder joint

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At Innovative Wellness Group, we are professional, but also efficient and trusted. Currently, we are the most experienced ESWT group in the country. Since we started practicing in 2000, we’ve performed thousands of ESWT treatments within Pennsylvania. However, some of our patients have traveled for treatment from neighboring states, regardless how far. So contact us to see if ESWT is right for you.

Whatever the reason for needing us, please contact us to see how we can assist in your treatment. Not only is it our profession, but also our obsession to provide you with the utmost of care, regardless. It is our responsibility to provide you with safe, convenient, but also effective treatment, regardless. Whether it be your first visit or your third, we’ll follow through with you to see your pain is alleviated. After all, it is because of your trust in us that we provide excellence.