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Achilles Tendonitis

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Welcome to our Achilles Tendonitis Treatment Page

This injury involves the Achilles tendon, located in the lower leg. The large tendon extends down the back from the calf muscle, where it attaches to the heel bone, otherwise known as the calcaneus. When tendonitis occurs, it can be painful and can also be accompanied with weakening inflammation.  The Achilles tendon connects the strong leg muscles to your foot and gives you the ability to walk, as well as rise up on your toes. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to walk with Achilles Tendonitis. As a result, loss of income is possible due to the injury. So, it is important to receive a diagnosis from your doctor and discuss treatment options.

With this injury, there are two phases of treatment. In phase 1, inflammation can occur. However, inflammation alone can be treated with numerous conservative treatments. Typical treatments include rest, ice, compression, as well as elevation, for instance. While steroid injections are avoided in the Achilles, the physician may utilize strapping, taping, orthotics, or lasers as an alternative.  Phase 2 occurs when the tissue is damaged (microtearing), and needs mended.  For Phase 2 or chronic Achilles tendinitis (tendinosis), high energy ESWT with the Dornier Epos Ultra is the only FDA approved device proven to create this non-surgical repair.

In the body, tissue density changes, such as where a bone attaches to a ligament (desmopathies) or where a tendon attaches to a bone (enthesiopathies), are best documented regarding ESWT’s effects. It is very effective, for this reason, for treating painful connective tissue in the foot and heels. In addition to the benefits, ESWT also gives new hope by relieving pain. Consequently, it eliminates the risk factors of surgery and helps restore normal lives once again.

  • Pain along the back of the heel when you first walk in the morning
  • Discomfort or pain along the back of the heel after sitting for a long period
  • Pain that subsides with rest, however returns while or after performing athletic activities
  • A persistent ache, shooting pain, burning pain or even severe piercing foot pain
  • Pain when you press the site where the tendon meets the heel bone
  • Discomfort or pain that is severe enough to inhibit mobility

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