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    Innovative Wellness Group has selected the Dornier EPOS Ultra as our equipment of choice because it offers the highest, yet most variable energy output. It also incorporates ultrasound to view the damaged tissue and target the shock waves directly at and only to the damaged tissue. The one-year follow-up FDA results showed a much higher patient satisfaction rate with the Dornier than the Ossatron®.

    The lines in the graph indicate each machine’s minimum to maximum shockwave output capability. The star indicates the point at which each company’s protocol is set for the Plantar Fascilitis tratment.

    Shock Wave Therapy Equipment Comparison

    The Dornier is capable of performing both low energy and high energy treatments. Excellence Shock Wave Therapy does not perform low energy shock wave therapy for plantar fasciitis. Only high energy is FDA tested and approved for plantar fasciitis.

    High energy ESWT causes cavitation or microtrauma to the tissue. This forces the body to lay down new fibroblast tissue and actually repair the tendon while also affecting pain receptors.

    Low energy shock wave therapy affects only the pain receptors. Low energy shock wave therapy cannot be performed with a local anesthetic because a local injection has been shown to nullify the results of low energy treatments on pain receptors. This means the patient must be able to tolerate the pain of the treatment. Once tolerance has been reached the energy level cannot be increased. Multiple treatments are required to affect the pain receptors with low energy shock wave therapy.


    Manufacturer Published One-Year Post-Treatment Results

    • 94%


    • 6%


    • 0%